Empowering women in digital and social business

7 april 2017

Soraia Schutel and Natália Leite are two Brazilian entrepreneurs on the move for a massive digital transformation, empowering women to do and be whatever they want. Find out about their collaboration with Unilever and why "Sweden can be a great inspiration and important partner."

Last fall, several organizations and actors from Sweden’s innovation ecosystem welcomed 8 specially selected urban sustainability experts from Brazil, India and the USA to encourage new business opportunities as a part of Sweden’s export strategy.

One of the experts was Soraia Schutel, visiting East Sweden and Science Park Mjärdevi (which also happens to be the home of Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 2017).

Soraia is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sonata Brasil and Escola de Você - two initiatives for social business and female entrepreneurship in South America.

"Not an easy task on a Latin American, macho culture country", says her collegue Natália Leite. "We really believe Sweden can be a great inspiration and important partner to this project" says Soraia.

Digital habits enables empowerment

In their greeting to Sveriges Innovationsriksdag, Natália says that “we believe that digital transformation is not about the business. It’s about the people. The people are already here."

She waves with her smartphone.

"They are digital. Their habits have dramtiacllly changed. That’s why we’re using technology as the means to get to the women we need to talk to. We’re simply adapting to this new reality, and we believe it’s a trip with no return.”

Collaborations with Unilever

70% of women wants to become an entrepreneur - but only 7% follows their dream, Luciana Guernieri and Juliana Soncini at Unilever, Brazil tells us.

"Big companies and big brands play an important social role in society."

With an urge to empower female entrepreneurship and a need for the expertice and a digital solution, the multinational business giant Unilever decided to partner up with Escola de Você, today enabling over 200.000 women to connect on their digital platform.

"Connecting people thru digital and shared knowledge makes the world a better place."

Case: Jenny Lundgren
Video: Fredrik Larsson


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