Scientist by profession and a humanist by conviction

8 februari 2017

Från ÅForsk Entreprenörsstipendium på 200 000 kronor till en indisk tunginvestering på 200 miljoner dollar. Läs den exklusiva intervjun med superentreprenören bakom LeadCold, strax efter det att han utsågs till en av Sveriges 10 mest innovativa entreprenörer 2016.

Janne Wallenius, scientist by profession and a humanist by conviction. Content university researcher and professor since 20 years, turning entrepreneur for the good of humanity. How so?

– I believe we should strive to use our knowledge to improve the world we live in.

The idea is to introduce lead-cooled nuclear reactor technology on niche markets where compact design and improved safety can motivate a premium cost.

– This became possible thanks to a break-through in development of a corrosion resistant steel achieved by my colleagues at KTH. Our elevator pitch might be ”Cheaper, safer and cleaner power to the Arctic”.

With his major driving force to make nuclear the empowering resource it should have been from the beginning (cheap, safe and clean, that is), Janne Wallenius is just as inspirational as his own sources:

– My major quality is to identify and connect the important issues in a complex system. I also have an ability to identify and attract the people capable of addressing these issues into an unbeatable team. I am inspired by quality driven innovators such as Steve Jobs, as well as by the talented people I have a privilege to work with. And sometimes by good shot of Polish vodka.

To attract the venture capital needed to employ key personnel in time has been the biggest challenge so far of his entrepreneurship, Janne Wallenius explains. About the Swedish startup scene, he believes it’s dominated by software companies,

– Which in best case could reflect the transition from an industrial to a knowledge society.

Him and his company has close connections to Uppsala Innovation Centre, KTH Innovation and KIC-InnoEnergy (which happens to be one of the recently announced Intelligent Energy Management Challenge winners). All of them have contributed in different manners with contacts, know-how, seed investment and education, says Janne Wallenius. And regarding the ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship,

– It allows me go on leave from my position at KTH to focus on developing the company during half a year, which is an invaluable opportunity.

Kallare reaktorer, hetare bolag

Blykalla reaktorer Stockholm utvecklar små blykylda kärnkraftverk för en hållbar, säker och kostnadseffektiv produktion av el och värme i arktiska regioner. Blykallas teknik ersätter därmed den fossilbaserade teknik som används i kärnkraftverk i dag.

Intervju: Jenny Lundgren 

Om ÅForsk Entreprenörsstipendium

ÅForsk Entreprenörsstipendium delas ut i samarbete med Swedish Incubators & Science Parks sedan 2015. ÅForsk har målet att verka för forskning och utveckling inom områden som energi, miljö, hållbarhet, säkerhet, infrastruktur och produkter från förnyelsebara råvaror. Genom Swedish Incubators & Science Parks unika nätverk av innovationsmiljöer finner ÅForsk morgondagens mest lovande entreprenörer.


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