Synerleap powered by ABB om Corporate venturing

15 januari 2017

Under höstens smart city meetupSUP46 i Stockholm snackade vi med Gaetana Sapienza, Head of Operations på SynerLeap om smarta städer, digitalisering och bolagen som växer i ABBs nya hubb.

“Looking at the world of Synerleap, the idea is to create synergies between the company and other actors and partners, such as incubators and science parks as well as the region. Thru Synerleap, via ABB and new companies, we can exchange collaboration and information. It’s a win-win situation."


“Our overall ambition with SynerLeap is to decrease the innovation cycle by better utilizing unique infrastructure and expertise, by bringing small fast growing startups and large corporations together and benefitting from the best of the two.

A shorter innovation cycle is beneficial for customers as well as small and large companies.

We are excited to conclude that the interest for SynerLeap is even larger than expected, and that the first set of companies are now joining from all parts of Sweden”, säger Peter Löfgren, Managing Director på SynerLeap.

Läs om ABB, digitalisering och hur Västerås tog ett stort 'leap' framåt i Dagens Industri






Intervju: Jenny Lundgren
Film: Richard Gatarski


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