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The business matchmaking during Sveriges Innovationsriksdag was a success! Nearly 20 large companies met with startups in more than 200 meetings during the two days.

The Business Matchmaking was powered by @IgniteSweden - and the programme continues with more matchmaking opportunities during 2017. If you want to attend another session, please register and you will be contacted if we find a suitable match.

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Established companies

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Business Matchmaking during #SIR17

The established companies joining business matchmaking during Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 2017.

About Ignite Sweden

Ignite Sweden aims to initiate collaborations between startups and established companies. Along the way, they are curious to find out what matchmaking models are the best in order to establish a prosperous collaboration.

The 2017 Swedish Innovation Parliament is happy to introduce business matchmaking sessions with Ignite Sweden in collaboration with Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and Innovation Pioneers.

Ignite Sweden is led by THINGS, STING and LEAD, funded by Vinnova and powered by Swedish Incubators & Science Parks.


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